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We pride ourselves in providing high quality domestic and oven cleaning throughout the north east, with many years of expertise we can guarantee complete satisfaction.

It is not always easy to clean your own home. Maybe you don’t have time or it’s a job you’d rather leave to the professionals. There are many chores to be done around the home and cleaning can take hours hiring a professional to clean can be a much easier option.

What products do we use?

Non-caustic, fume and odour free oven cleaning products are best as they do not emit harmful fumes into your home and the next time you use your oven after cleaning. Research the brand of products that the oven cleaning professional is using to ensure they are non-caustic, fume and odour free. Find out if the product contains Sodium Hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide is a chemical component in caustic oven cleaning products and the chemical you will be wanting to avoid if you prefer non-caustic, safer solutions. Ask the oven cleaner if the products they use contain this chemical or ask for the product safety data sheets from the oven cleaner. Professional Cleaning Products are used by many professional oven cleaning companies across the UK. All our products are non-caustic, fume and odour free and are safe for use throughout the home.

Am I able to cook in the oven straight after it has been cleaned?
This question is connected to the cleaning products the professional uses and is an important one, especially when children, babies and pregnant mothers are in the home. Breathing in caustic fumes is avoidable as there are many non-caustic alternatives available. Non-caustic products are just as effective as caustic, but without the nasty chemicals. There is no reason to use caustic chemicals as most non-caustic products are just as good, especially when used in conjunction with a specially designed dip tank – Professional Cleaning Products and Professional Dip Tanks – the right tools and professional cleaning method.


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